Monday, May 25, 2009

Silverpups Preschool Graduation

What perfect excuse to make a big deal, right? Well, normally I totally would, he's my first!! But he will be going to one more year of preschool before he starts kindergarten so no big after party or graduation cake. Nana and Papa came to cheer him on and I know that made him feel special. He had a little speaking part that he memorized and did so well when it was his turn. He is quite squirmy and could hardly sit still in his chair for the program. Luckily he has more time to practice. I am amazed at how much he has learned this year. He started out not knowing how to write any letters and coloring crazy all over the page and now he can spell his name and color details in the lines!! I'm excited for him to learn more and for the fun experiences ahead of him. Thank you Silver Pups and we'll see you next year! :) Now what am I going to do with my rowdy 4 year old all summer????

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