Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

For Memorial Day we went to my parents house for a BBQ and then to the Payson cemetery where my mom's side of the family is buried. I tried to explain to the kids about cemetery's and how to be respectful and why we were going. They didn't quite get it, but Lukas was really interested to see that Nana had a mommy and daddy and to see where they were buried. I didn't even tell them I wanted a picture and this is what I captured... Me and Pat at the cemetery. Me and my Dad. :)


Casey and Whitney MCkell said...

too cute my dad loves it when the grandkuds jump all over my moms stone he says thats how she would want it!!!! to cute!!

Shay said...

Love the photos and love Payson Cemetery! I have a lot of family/history there. Payson cemetery holds a sweet spot in my heart. Love the photo with your dad especially!