Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Simon, The Pirate Rescue

Yes, we have a new fish. Lukas picked him out. He's red and blue, but his color is so vibrant that he mostly looks red. He is quite a lively little fellow. He is very active and swims all over his fish bowl all day. When you come up to look at him, it's like he knows and he comes to look at you and say hello. The kids just love talking to him and watching him. Lukas picked his name. Although, he originally wanted it to just be pirate rescue, but I had to explain to him that that's not really a name. So it's now his title! Max walks by and says, "Simon, Simon"! He gets so excited. We are happy to have a new pet.


Kimberly said...

Devon has been trying to convince me that we need a pet pig??? I think we should start with a fish first! The kids would love it!

Patty R said...

Welcome Simon!
Congrats on the new fishy Mendoza family, he(or she) is really cute.
I love the name, Lukas is very creative.

Mindy said...

Love the fish - love the name! Simon the pirate rescue can come over and play with Rascal anytime. :)

Michelle said...

We just got a fish too! Read my blog. Rex almost killed it within the first 48 hours but he's a tough fish! I love the color.