Saturday, July 5, 2008

All About JaNece

I was tagged, so here are my answers:

  • I am: painfully obsessive about order, organization and cleanliness (although you might not always guess it if you were to see my house).
  • I think: we all need to love more and judge less.
  • I know: that I want to live my life to the fullest and find joy in the journey and not in THINGS. (Not always the easiest, I'm finding!)
  • I want: to visit Greece, Italy, France, Sweden, Japan, Peru...the world!
  • I have: been to Africa (Zimbabwe), on a summer-long bus trip all through the church and U.S. history sites, and have lived in Wyoming, Colorado, California, Utah, Idaho, New York, New Jersey and Arizona (a few months one summer).
  • I wish: I could make an impact on the world.
  • I hate: being sick, feeling helpless, asking for help and feeling unappreciated.
  • I miss: California, the smell of the beach, my college days, rock climbing and my grandparents.
  • I feel: so blessed for all the things I have and for my cute family.
  • I smell: nothing b/c I have allergies and am always stuffy or runny. UGH!!!
  • I crave: chocolate chip cookies, ice cream, sadza and Craig-O's breadsticks (a RICK's college favorite that is no longer available).
  • I search: for good deals and sales wherever I can find them.
  • I regret: not going to beauty school, being too afraid to verbalize my feelings sometimes and not taking more road trips in college.
  • I love: to see and hear Pat play with the kids. He can really get into it. He's a big kid himself. And such a good daddy!
  • I care: about people from my past that I will probably never see again. (Ever heard that saying..."You meet people for a reason, a season or a lifetime and when you find out which it is, you'll know just what to do.")
  • I always: worry too much.
  • I am not: going to kill myself to fit in.
  • I believe: that what goes around comes around, karma baby!!
  • I dance: horribly! There are times that I can really get into it and feel the groove, but mostly I am NOT good.
  • I sing: again, NOT good.
  • I don't always: take the time that I should for myself.
  • I write: to express my feelings, keep tabs on my kids and to record my life!
  • I win: almost never! I did win an iPod shuffle a few months ago, and that's about my string of luck.
  • I never: want to take things for granted.
  • I listen: for the little voice to tell me what to do (with my life, with raising my kids).
  • I am scared: of car accidents and someone I love being in a serious one.
  • I am happy about: the progress that my boys are making as they grow up and develop. It's so fun to see their personalities bloom as they get older.

I had fun with this tag. I want to find out more about Patty, Mindy and Jyl!!


Jen said...

Tags are kind of fun, aren't they? I thought I would hate them, but I don't! It is not too late for you to go to beauty school!!!!!

Casey and Whitney MCkell said...

Janece you are so FUN!!! I love you i love getting to know you!! You are so talented and I LOVE YOUR SWEET FAM!!!