Friday, December 21, 2007


Lukas is 3 years and 2 months. He is very independent and territorial. He has knocked Max over countless times b/c Max got into Lukas' area. Poor Max. I keep hoping someday they will be friends and want to play together. I guess I just need to give it time. Lukas loves playing with play-doh and will use the cookie cutters to make shapes. Sometimes he pretends he's making cookies. He went through a phase where he had to cut everytihng up to look like a puzzle and then insist I help him put it together. He could watch "Go Diego Go" all day. He thinks every meal is lunch and could eat cereal each time. He thinks when we go to the store he gets a treat! Ahhh! I hate going to the store lately. And he knows how to throw a fit, too. He goes to preschool and has fun, but sometimes he'll come home and say, "I was mean today Mommy. I took Tommy's toy." He loves pizza and pepsi (uh oh). He takes care of Max's binkies and when the house is too quiet I look around to find Lukas in a corner being sneaky with the binkies. I think if I let him, he'd still want one. He is great at cleaning up and likes to line up all his toys. He gets really hyper when he's tired and it's a nightmare trying to get him to sit still. He loves to repeat whatever we say when it's prayer time and says the cutest prayers on his own. He likes to hear bedtime stories (like Snow White or Sleeping Beauty). What can I say, he likes Princesses! But he knows it's for girls, like at the store when we look at toys he'll say, "that toy is for girls". Whew! Lukas is a picky eater and I wonder if he'll ever weigh more than 30 pounds. He could live off of milk and popsicles. I sure love my little guys!


mwaymo said...

WOW, our kids are so similar! Rex also is a light eater and could watch Go Diego Go all day. Sam is the sweet, happy one who cracks me up all the time. I also wonder if they will ever be friends, Rex is so mean to Sam, although he is a very good friend to kids his age. You seriously just described my life.

Alison said...

This is so cute! I've never met Lukas and I feel like I know him now. Such a great thing to blog!

Patty R said...

I could watch "Go Diego Go" and "Dora" all day too, just kidding, lol. This is so sweet, I love my nephew :)