Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Three Musketeers

I am just getting back into this blog! I have slacked BIG time and haven't recorded much about my kids. So I have a lot to share. They are all cute and getting so big.

Zoey (23 months) is growing up so much and getting so big. Sheknows exactly what she wants and how to get it. She hates getting her hair done or being told to go somewhere or do something. She wants it to be her idea. She loves dancing, eating and watching TV. Mostly shows the boys watch like Johnny Test or Phineas and Ferb. She just recently started wanting to watch Cinderella (she calls it Ferella). She love baths, even in the kitchen sink. She likes towearher "dresses" which mean her dress up dresses. She is talking a lot and can usually express what she is thinking or wants. Other times she says things like, "I don't believe it!" But it doesn't fit the situation. Which makes us all laugh and she doesn't like that so much.
Max (5) is changing and I has seen such a difference in his behavior. He adores Zoey and would do anything for her. He is always helping her and talking sweet to her. He always asks for a hug from her in the morning, which she usually gives him. They will sit together to watch a show together, or he will help her get a snack or her milk. They are turning out to be pretty good buddies. It makes my heart smile! Max is so smart and recognizes all his letters and numbers. He still fights with his brother, but when they play they get a long great. He is a good friend and so thoughtful and kind (mostly).
Lukas (7) is busy and never quits. He would stay up all night if I let him. He lost his front teeth and the big ones are coming in. He has lots of friends that are always calling and wanting to play. He loves first grade and is doing well. His teacher, Mrs. Foreman loves him and he is so smart. His favorite thing to do is draw and write. And he's quite good. He's read me a couple books that he wrote in school and both were awesome! He loves that Papa calls him an "arteest". He is a good helper and can handle a lot. He likes to complain more than Max, but I think it's his lack of sleep that steps in at this point. He is taking piano lessons and loves it. Hehas started worrying about money and is always asking how much"this" cost and to turn off the water bc the water bill will be expensive. He does NOT like bedtime and will do anything to stay up. he loves Wolfie and always makes sure he is on his bed at night. He is very tender hearted.
They are growing up to be such good kids. Kind, generous, loving, forgiving, fun, happy. I am so blessed to have them in my life! They brighten my world.

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