Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Zoey @ 13 months

So Zoey is walking around, doing her thing. Little Miss Independent. Yet, she is so attached that I can't put her down for a second! How does she manage this?! She will not eat her food unless she is feeding herself. I cannot change her diaper or get her dressed without a major struggle. Not to mention do her hair! She does not let me do chores around the house. She knows where my candy stash is and will stand there and demand some until she gets some. Then she holds onto it until it is melted and gooey and then and ONLY THEN, does she want to be left alone to wander the house leaving sticky dirty hand and finger prints on everything. It's exhausting! She loves her blankie and can't bear to go to bed without it. She screams when Max comes anywhere near her. She has discovered Capri Suns and absolutely must have her own and hold her own. She'll squeeze it if you try and help her which leads to juice getting all over everything. She loves the sand box and sitting in small chairs. She kicks her feet when you sit her in a chair all by herself. She has managed to go up the stairs, but not come down yet. She has more teeth coming in than I can count, which may be the cause of her grumpiness lately. She has learned how to wave at the appropriate time. And her first word is EAT. She also says HOT (thanks to my curling iron-she didn't touch it but that is because I told her a million times not to and that it was hot. Now every time she sees it she says "hot, hot, hot"). She throws a killer tantrum when she doesn't get what she wants. And she is learned to go to other people without crying. After I'm done changing her diaper, she will go throw it in the garbage and say "poop". She loves trying on people's shoes or just carrying them around. She fits perfectly in her brother's t-shirt for PJ's and has the cutest dimples on both cheeks.

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Christi said...

I want to eat her up. She's so cute.