Thursday, September 30, 2010

Max Soccer- Take 2

This will be Max's second time playing soccer. I had high hopes for him since he's done it once before and now his brother isn't on his team to steal the show. This could be HIS thing while Lukas sits on the sideline. Well...there are 12 other kids in our neighborhood that are on his team. It's a bit chaotic with thirteen 3 & 4 year old's running around the field and he tends to get distracted or bored. He gets lost in the crowd sometimes. He is excited to go to the game and get his uniform on. Then by the time we make it to the field he wants to just go play on the playground with Lukas. Darn kid!! But he sure looks cute in his uniform even if he isn't the best soccer player. I'm proud of him for trying and want him to just have fun. It is a struggle to get him to participate and he shy's away when it's his turn (or he gets mad b/c it didn't go the way he wanted it to). We had to leave the last game early and after I felt bad that he was so miserable. He has so many good qualities and is such a sweet boy, that it breaks my heart to have everyone around him see only the naughty side of him. Pat saves the day, and helps Max kick and run with the ball. He has fun with his daddy and that counts for something.

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Christi said...

He is so darn cute in that uniform.