Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Silverpups Preschool Graduation

This is Lukas' second preschool graduation (he misses the deadline for kindergarten by 6 days and so he had to do 2 years of preschool). I can't tell you how excited he is to finally start kindergarten. He's been telling everyone that he's in kindergarten now. For graduation, they have a little program. It was so cute. They sang all the songs they learned and they each had a little speaking part. Lukas did great. He memorized it and got to point to all the letters on the chart while they sang a song. Then they changed into their cap and gowns and posed for pictures. After it was over, I was taking pictures of Lukas with his teachers and Max had to be in every one. He followed Lukas around everywhere and posed for each picture like it was his special day. (It will be soon Maxers!) Lukas would always talk about his friends, Ellie and Parker. It was fun to meet them and see Lukas interact with them. Lukas is getting so big and so grown up. I can't wait to help him start reading and getting ready for kindergarten!!

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Christi said...

Oh my gosh JaNece! Lukas is getting so big. Dalyla missed the deadline by two weeks I think so unless my sister gets approval from the principal she will be going to preschool or pre-k for two years.