Tuesday, April 27, 2010

R.I.P. {July 2008-April 2010}

The kids really did not pay much attention to little Simon, our beta fish. Every morning when I would come downstairs he was the first thing I'd look at. Mostly to make sure he was still alive. {Ever since Bluey, I'm terrified to find a dead, shriveled fish on the ground.} Simon had a few moments of belly flopping, only to come out of it and some how be stronger. He was easy to take care of and I only had to feed him twice a week. After I came home from the hospital with Zoey, I noticed he wasn't quite as chipper as he used to be. He'd wedge himself in the little plant so his body wouldn't float to the top. Sadly I discovered him a day or two after he passed. I didn't notice earlier b/c he wasn't floating on top, he was stuck in the plant. I told the kids about it and they were sad. I couldn't deal with digging a dead fish out of his bowl and flushing him, so I turned it over to Pat. He put Simon in a little box and buried him in the backyard with the boys. They still go out and visit him and check on him every now and then. We'll miss you Simon!!

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