Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Silverpups Preschool

Another year of preschool has started for Lukas. He goes to Riverton High School where they have a preschool curriculum for the high school students to teach and there are just as many teachers as there are kids. He went here last year so he knew what to expect on the first day. He has looked forward to coming back ever since it ended. We love the teacher(s) and Lukas is learning so much. They have the funnest lessons and he comes home with the cutest things. He writes his name so clearly and it's fun to see how he is progressing. It's weird to think I have another year before he starts kindergarten. Then another year of just half day. YIKES! I need my kids to be in school all day so I will miss them. Haha. {I don't know what I'd do without them to be honest, but I sure would love some quiet.}


Jenny May said...

Soon enough you will be wanting it quiet again...just in time for the next baby!!!

Mindy said...

What a cute preschool! Lukas is getting so big! Make him stop!!