Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fun in the Sun

There are many ways to stay cool in 100 degree weather.

  1. Stay inside in an air conditioned house. (Boring...but at least you stay cool.)
  2. Go to the local pool. (Fun and refreshing, but crowded).
  3. Go to the local splash park. (Fun for the kids, hot for the moms--unless you run through the water. Still crowded.)
  4. Set up water toys in your front yard and play with the greatest neighbors ever!!
I prefer the last option. Look how much fun we're having!!!! Thanks Whit and Windy!


Michelle said...

Awesome idea!

Windy said...

OH MY GOSH peed my pants laughing. (not in the pool) haha just kidding! That was SOOO MUCH FUN, lets do it again and again. I love the pics... Priceless memories!! Love love love it!!

Patty R said...

I love that option. You guys are hilarious!

Christiansen's said...

You guys are so funny. I drove by when you guys were hanging out outside and it made me wish I was your neighbor. My poor street is as boring as boring gets :)