Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The End

(If anyone reads my sisters blog, I totally copied her for this post. Thanks Min!) Pat's three week break is up!! It was fun having him around and being able to do fun things with him. And it seems that summer is at a close, too, even though the heat is not giving up. Here are some fun things we did (and some not-so-fun things). Pat had a pretty big "honey-do" list and he accomplished every task! Thank you!

  • hanging the upstair fan...beautiful!
  • We had some pretty bad settling in our backyard and thankfully we had some neighbors that gave us their leftover dirt to fill it in. It looks brand new now! The kids are happy to have their sandbox back.
  • We cleaned out our garage (as seen in earlier post)! And it's still clean! YAY!
  • We got a babysitter and went to the movies. We saw HANCOCK.
  • We attempted camping twice. Both times were fun even though finding a spot was a challenge.
  • All the hornets nest hanging around our house and eves are now gone! I should've got a picture of Pat on the roof. He loved it. Anything to climb up to the roof.
  • swimming at the clubhouse, always the kids' favorite
  • The hose is now nicely rolled up in the hose box that has been leaking since last summer and is now fixed!
  • We moved some toys in the basement and now the kids have more room to run around and make messes.
  • We got our family pictures taken!

Good luck with your second semester of school Pat! You rock! :)


Kimberly said...

You did a lot in those three weeks! How Fun!

Patty R said...

Wow, you guys where very busy. Nice :)

Jyl said...

sounds like a fun summer, I just dont know how you do everything you do when Pat has been gone.. you amaze me, I think your new nick name will be SuperMom! sheesh woman!

Jen said...

I've never seen a cuter "end"ing in my life. So cute.

Mindy said...

What?! Family pictures?! I need some!!!

Your "end" is soooo cute!! I love those little bums!

Windy said...

haha that is such a cute picture...the end. I am glad you were able to make some fun memories. I want to see your family pictures. We did ours and Kylee decided not to smile.. It was fabulous (NOT). Your family is absolutley adorable. We just love you guys!