Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Office Countdown

I'm not a huge TV junkie, but I do look forward to Thursday nights because my two favorites are on. LOST and The Office. You may know that the "The Office" hasn't aired since the writer's strike (Booo!) and watching re-runs is fine, but I'm ready for real time! I wondered if I'd ever see Jim or Dwight (my favorite) again or hear Michael say "That's what she said." So the countdown is ON and I can't wait, so if there are any other Office lovers out there that want to come to my Official Office party, APRIL 10th is the day! Are you kiddin' me Big Tuna!


Shay said...

Oh, I wish I could come to your party because I am a huge The Office fan. I'll be there in spirit. YAY! I don't know who's more excited...me or Jer!

Diane said...

I watched The Office while I was at Robyn and Joe's house. Pretty funny!!! I guess if you've worked in an office, you can really relate to all the crazy personality combos. I love LOST! Devon sent me the DVD to the first few years when we first moved here to Tennessee. He told me that if I got interested in LOST that I wouldn't care where I was! I got hooked!

How's the baby?! I read your post below and am hoping everything is going ok. He's such a cutie! Give them our best and let them know we are thinking about them! Love ya!